lundi 18 avril 2016

Phoenix FPGA arcade game on DE2-35

Phoenix  (Amstar ) VHDL source code available at

PS/2 keyboard,  15kHz TV mode (only), with sound effects and melodies
(Just add your own ROMs)

Many many explanations about hardware and software stuff. Analog sound effects part analysis fully described with exclusive schematics and computations (NE555 oscillator, charging/discharging capacitor, noise generator).


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  1. Thank you, we are searching for a year a version that can work on our board, and now finaly have something that works. We have tryied it on NumatoV2 board and on old VGA monitor we got picture, but ob new monitors there is no picture so it would be good to have some VGA version that we could then convert to HDMI. I need to check out ps2 converter, we tried it yesterday but did not get it to work... Our git accounts are and lately main focus is on FPGArduino