jeudi 25 mai 2017

C64 FPGA64_027 with C1541 sd card read/write sources available

FPGA64 + read/write D64 from/to raw SD card for DE10 Lite.

Tested write operations OK :
  • remane file (DOS)  : OPEN15,8,15,"R:NEWNAME=OLDNAME"
  • delete file (DOS)  : OPEN15,8,15,"S:NAME"
  • copy   file (DOS)  : OPEN15,8,15,"C:NEWFILE=OLDFILE"
  • save basic program : SAVE"NAME",8

Don't ever use c1541 NEW (format) command, it is absolutly NOT supported and will lead to data loss.

Dev. place - PC display / DE10 Lite / TV set

DE10 Lite + USB host + teensy audio shield (digital audio and micro sd card slot) + SRAM on GPIO
Connexions : USB blaster, audio jack, USB keyboard, video RGB 15KHz to SCART

Impossible Mission

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