dimanche 5 janvier 2014

Commodore 64 on DE0 Nano

Based on the FPGA64 vhdl description from Peter Wendrich. This realisation uses the DE0 Nano board which has a large FPGA at low cost.

External hardware have to be added :
  • SRAM
  • IEC interface
  • Video DAC
  • Audio DAC
  • PS/2 keyboard input
Working on DE2 with no external  hardware (except IEC which requires external IEC hardware).

The IEC bus may be connected to a real commodore floppy drive (1541 ...) or to some replacement (µIEC/SD ...).

The FPGA contains 3 roms : KERNAL, BASIC and CHAR (Jiffydos kernal allow for speeding up the IEC bus) and a VHDL SID6581 emulation.

Standalone working from the embed EPCS.

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