mardi 14 janvier 2014

Hardware for DE0 Nano / DE2 board

On the breadboard : 
  • Video DAC : RGB 3x3 bits, Hsync, Vsync ready for VGA 31KHz or RGB SCART 15KHz, 50/60Hz.
  • Audio DAC :   PWM stereo.
  • PS2 input only
Green PCB plugged on the DE0 Nano GPIO connector :
  • SRAM + IEC interface

SRAM + IEC interface for DE0 Nano or DE2 GPIO
  • SRAM 512Kx8, 10/12ns
  •  IEC interface 3 bits (data, clk, atn), 3.3/5.0v converter, usable with original drives (1541...) or with modern IEC/SD replacement.
2 spare SRAM + IEC PCBs available
  • 20€ pcb only (no components)
  • 30€ with surface mount components (no connectors)

uIEC/SD plugged in :

Full configuration with external wiring :
  • SUBD 15 pin HD for video, VGA via standard cable, specific cable required for SCART
  • Jack 3.5 stereo for audio
  • USB for keyboard (use PS2 keyboard ONLY)

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